The Most Common Dental Problems


Child at the dentistryWe always hear the saying “Visit your dentist regularly.” But most of the time, we ignore that one rule that can save and prevent us from acquiring oral diseases. There are a lot of health care facilities and dentist Calgary SE provides. Technically, there’s no reason for us not to attend our regular check-ups.

Getting informed and educated on how to take care of our oral health is the best way to combat oral problems. You can always seek advice from your local dentist Calgary SE. Here are some of the most common dental problems patients deal with.

Tooth Decay

Tooth Decay also known as cavities or dental caries is caused by the formation of plaque or bacteria in your teeth. Cavities are acquired from leftovers food in our mouth. The longer it goes uncleaned, the more prone your teeth will become to decay.

Thanks to water fluoridation and fluoride toothpaste, the percentage of tooth decay in children has declined. The best way to prevent plaque from building up in your mouth is to brush your teeth after every meal and floss every day. Stock up on healthy food and avoid snacks that are high in sugar. Visit your dentist regularly for check-ups.


There are various causes of toothaches. It can be caused by sensitive or broken teeth. Regular visits to the dentist can help you prevent toothaches.

Gum Disease

Gum Disease or Periodontal Disease refers to the infection of the gums surrounding your teeth. This is one of the top causes of tooth loss, particularly in adults. There are two classifications of gum disease, gingivitis, and periodontitis. Brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing regularly will prevent your gums from getting infected.

Bad Breath

Bad breath or Halitosis is a common dental problem. Based on research and studies, the majority of patients who suffer from bad breath is initially caused by other existing oral issues. Some causes are attributed to tooth decay, gum disease, mouth sores, dry mouth and oral cancer.

Brushing your teeth and using mouthwash are just temporary solutions. Have your mouth checked so that your dentist can identify the root of your problem.

Mouth Sores

There are several types of mouth sores. These include ulcers, fever blisters, cranker sores, thrush, and cold sores. These are infections that are very much uncomfortable. Usually, mouth sores last up to two weeks and will eventually disappear on its own.

Oral Cancer

Oral Cancer is a deadly disease. There are many patients around the world who are diagnosed with this disease. It affects your lips, mouth, and throat but can be curable with early detection.

Once you are aware of these diseases and health problems, it is always best to consult with your dentist Calgary SE expert. Taking good care of your teeth, gums and overall oral health will leave you feeling more confident in any situation. An attractive smile and fresh clean breath will help you stay assured so you won’t have to worry about your health or your mouth. These dental problems can be treated with proper care.

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