Health and safety blog: The induction program.


The induction program is the new employee’s first introduction to health and safety. It is important times because the new employees are still very impressionable .There are several issues that should not be forgotten during induction.

Health and Safety aspects that should be thoroughly dealt with during induction;

1. geography and location
2. cultural sensitivity
3. medical matters
4. risks and hazards
5. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE’s)
6. training including specialist training

Geography and Location

Geography and Location can directly affect the employees’ health. Very high or low altitudes as well as extreme temperatures can be very dangerous and needs special attention. Make sure that employees are properly informed about any dangers and give special training where necessary.

Cultural Sensitivity

Multinational Corporations, Politicians and Unions have successfully moved millions of workers around the world without always having their best interest at heart. Millions of workers have also immigrated to developed countries where job opportunities are not as many as they thought. Many who emigrated had unreasonably high expectations of their new host countries. The immigrant crisis in Europe is an excellent example of where immigration has gone seriously wrong.

Health and Safety issues that might have to be dealt with;

Clothing: Make sure those employees wear the right safety clothing but try to accommodate their religious or cultural believes and preferences.

Working hours: Employees should not leave critical positions without proper planning where it involves the health and safety of fellow workers.

Other cultural issues: The health and safety manager should be aware of different cultural groups on site and try to preemptively foreseen possible hazards and risks that might affect them.

The health and safety manager should try to be culturally sensitive at all times.

Medical matters
It is of cardinal importance that employees undergo medical tests as prescribed by the specific job requirement.

Make sure that your records are up to date so that employees could be reminded to go for medical tests. In some cases they might have to be tested regularly, it all depends on the nature of the job.

Risks and Hazards

Risks and hazards on Site should be pointed out to new employees as well as employees who worked in the company for many years.

Many dangers lurk in the workplace; include absolutely every thing that might cause injury. If possible, the new employees should do an extensive supervised site tour where any possible danger is pointed out.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment is prescribed by law and employees should be supplied on a regular basis with what ever protective equipment they need to do their jobs safely.

Keep in mind that equipment will eventually wear out and that it will need to be replaced.
Personal Protective Equipment is expensive and there should be proper planning and budgeting to ensure that the necessary PPE’s are available whenever they are needed.

Training including Specialist Training

During induction include the following information;

The type and level of safety training employees would have to undergo depends on the type of duties they have to perform.

Specialist Safety training should never be neglected. When it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods and inflammable material, many accidents happened in the past that could have been prevented with proper training.

Overseeing technical courses such as the training and testing of Crain operators should be seen as part of the Health and Safety Managers duties.

The most important factor here is to remember to that health and safety training starts with induction and then continues until the end of the employee’s career.

Health and Safety training is a never ending story!

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